Biological Dentistry

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique Certified Dentist in Covington, GA - Newton Drive Family Dentistry Our Holistic Restorative Solutions:

  • Look & Feel Naturally
  • Built to last
  • 100% non toxic (BPA free) & Biocompatible
  • Minimally invasive

We use only the safest, biocompatible non-toxic tooth-colored materials that are BPA-free. Whether your restorative needs are small fillings, cosmetic enhancements with bonding or veneers or all-ceramic, non-metallic crowns, we have a solution that will fit your needs. By thoughtfully considering how your body’s systems interact, we provide restorative approaches that focus on improving your overall long-term health and wellbeing. Our investment in proven technologies will make your experience at Newton Drive Family Dentistry, dare we say… the best!

Ozone Therapy: This gentle and non-invasive dental treatment has been safely used for many years. Ozone (O3) is a naturally-occurring gas with antibacterial properties. Since bacteria are responsible for both tooth decay and gum disease, ozone therapy can be quite beneficial for dental patients of all ages.

Ozone eliminates harmful bacteria, but it also inhibits future bacterial growth. Furthermore, ozone helps to neutralize acids that can erode your teeth and assists in the remineralization of decayed areas. As ozone therapy requires no drilling or injections, it is an excellent option for those who experience dental anxiety and desire comfortable treatment.

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