Laser Dentistry

The Lightwalker, a dual wavelength laser, is the latest in dental technology to better offer our patients the level of care they deserve.

Why laser dentistry?

The latest methods in laser dentistry use a multi-wavelength laser to remove decay, break up plaque, calcium and sterilize the surrounding bone and tissue. Each laser fiber is only the width of a very fine human hair, so it causes little to no discomfort as it works to clean and health the affected area. Best of all, the use of the laser promotes clotting and tissue regrowth, which is at the root of faster healing times.

How we use dental lasers:
Conservative cavity preparation: minimally invasive and yet most effective caries removal
• Frenectomy
• Fix a “tongue-tie”
• Bone shaping and crown lengthening
• Pain Management: (Photobiomodulation)
• Gum disease treatment (LANAP)
• Snoring treatment (Nightlase)
• Facial Esthetics (Smoothlase)