Ozone Therapy

Comfortable Ozone Therapy in Covington, GA to Overcome Dental Problems

Although you may have never heard of ozone therapy, this gentle and non-invasive dental treatment has been safely used for many years. An energized form of oxygen sterilizes all aspects of the tooth and disinfects the area treated, both safely and effectively. This “transient oxidative burst” also induces a multitude of natural biochemical and physiologic reactions such as: better blood flow, enhanced immune response, and a more rapid healing response.

How Does Dental Ozone Therapy Work?

Ozone, which also occurs in nature, is a super oxygen. In medical ozone therapy, ozone is produced in a special treatment device. When it comes out of the device, ozone decays rapidly. In this decay process, microorganisms in close proximity are killed. The ozone is therefore applied directly to the affected areas using a fine probe.

What Advantages Does Ozone Treatment offer You?

Ozone unfolds its effective power even in the finest niches and grooves, root canals and gingival pockets. All bacteria, viruses and fungi are practically completely eliminated. The treatment is free of side effects. There are no known allergic reactions.

  • Ozone disinfects reliably
  • Ozone fights fungi, bacteria and viruses
  • Ozone helps stop bleeding
  • Ozone relieves pain
  • Ozone positively supports the healing process

At Newton Drive Family Dentistry, our team is proud to offer ozone therapy as part of our organic, green approach to dentistry. Please contact us at (770)-787-0690 to learn more or arrange your appointment.

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