When Is the Best Time to Begin Invisalign?

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Have you always wanted a straighter smile? With Invisalign, which is the most popular brand of clear aligner therapy, you can straighten your teeth without metal braces! These custom-designed plastic trays gently move your teeth into straight, even positions.

When Should You Get Invisalign?

Invisalign is appropriate for a wide range of ages. A patient needs to have lost all their baby teeth and be responsible enough to keep track of their aligners and be compliant with their treatment plan. You also need to have good oral health. If you have issues like untreated tooth decay or gum disease, we’ll need to address those before starting Invisalign.

Although there is not a perfect age or time to begin Invisalign treatment, it’s best to wait until you’re not excessively burdened by other obligations. Invisalign requires careful maintenance and can cause some soreness, which could be distracting or annoying if you have many stressful work projects or family duties on your plate.

If you have insurance, you should look at your plan’s deductible and annual maximum. You may want to start Invisalign before the year ends or it may be better to wait until your coverage resets. We can help you figure out what saves you the most money!

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Every 1-2 weeks you’ll switch to the next set of aligners in your treatment plan, which you should wear for 20-22 hours a day for optimal results. Your treatment timeline will depend on how severe your misalignment is. While the average treatment time for clear aligners is 12-18 months, straightening can take as little as 6 months if we’re only treating mild issues.

Invisalign in Covington, GA

Invisalign is a great treatment for many alignment issues, like crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, and more. However, not everyone is eligible for Invisalign. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim so we can let you know if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign!


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