Is Baking Soda Good For My Gum?

Perio Protocol for decreasing bacterial load in Gum disease
Daily, morning AND night- 4 step process
Step 1) Floss carefully around each tooth
Step 2) Brush all teeth with half bristles on tooth, half on gums, using tooth paste
Step 3) Use Waterpick to help clean hard to reach areas
Mixture for water pick container (alternate mixture 1 and mixture 2)
• Mixture 1:
1) Mix 1 T baking soda in 4oz distilled or alkaline water
2) Add mixture to water pick container
3) Turn Waterpick to lowest setting
4) Place tip adjacent to tooth and gum tissue
5) With water/baking soda mixture flowing, slowly move tip around EACH tooth
Repeat above steps with the following mixture 2:
• Mixture 2: 2 T food grade hydrogen peroxide in 4oz distilled or alkaline water
Step 4) Swish for 60 seconds with 1-2 table spoons of above mixtures additional supplements to take aid in fighting gum disease:
10,000 IU Vitamin D3/day
100mcg Vitamin K2/day
5000mg Vitamin C/day (lypospheric is the best source)

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