“Do You Take My Dental Insurance?”

The answer to that question is “YES”. As a courtesy to all of our patients we accept and file any PPO plans with out-of-network benefits. We are not contracted with any insurance companies, however, for most plans the percentage of coverage for in-network versus out of network is usually the same or very close. Being out-of-network allows Dr.Evans and Dr.Kim, who are UNRESTRICTED & INDEPENDENT DENTISTS, to provide a higher level of care than you’ll find at offices that are limited to the restrictions imposed by many in-network-providers.

When you come to see us and you are out-of-network it simply means that if there is a difference between our fee and the allowable fee set by your insurance, you are responsible for the difference. Our fees are based on usual and customary rates for our area and are within or very close to the allowable fees set by the insurance company who base their fees on usual and customary rates. For most patients using their out-of-network benefits for preventive and diagnostic services there will often be either $0 or very minimal out of pocket cost.

If your insurance bases coverage off of a fee schedule, this means that they will pay the designated percentage of coverage for any given service up to the fee that they allow. The fees allowed by plans using a fee schedule are usually much lower and you should expect to have an out-of-pocket cost if you have an insurance that pays off of a fee schedule.

Our team member welcomes any questions you may have regarding your insurance and look forward to helping you and your family with your future dental needs.

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